North Poll Cattle

Our cow herd began in the winter of 2010. A pot load of commercial Red Angus bred heifers were purchased from Eastern Colorado. They had been bred to Pharo Cattle Company bulls for 15 years. We wanted a red hided, small framed cow with good disposition and longevity. In the spring of 2011, we purchased 3 registered South Poll bulls and a registered Red Angus bull. The herd has been closed since and we have saved the best heifer and bull calves for replacements and culled any animals that failed to adapt to our environment. The result is our North Poll cattle. They are easy fleshing, slick hided, adapted cattle that fatten well on grass alone.

Milch Goats

Our milk goats are our money savers on the ranch. They provide us with healthy raw milk to drink every day. Heather also makes cheese and ice cream that is delicious. Sweet Home Soaps key ingredient is our very own goat milk. The goats are a mixture of Nubian and Saanen breeds. They are grass based, only goats who are on the milk stand get any grain. At one time we had 60 head of goats, but have just kept the 10 best adapted milkers since we added the Super Sheep to the ranch. We have some very nice doelings and bucks each year that we keep for replacements.

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Super Sheep

Our flock of sheep was added in the fall of 2012. We found the toughest, hardiest flock at Hopping Brothers in Oklahoma. They are a 3 way cross of Katahdin, Dorper, and Florida Native Sheep. We have closed our flock and saved the best ewe and ram lambs each year for replacements. The result is an easy keeping Hair Sheep that doesn’t need shearing, tail docking, foot trimming, deworming, vaccinations, or constant attention to keep it alive. We really like the sheep in the operation and have expanded it each year.